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1.      A Client uses a RouterBoard1000. The clock is configured in ‘/system clock’. The clock resets to default aftaer each reboot. Select the best solution for the problem.
A.      Write a script in ‘/system script’ to set the clock
B.      Configure ‘/system ntp client’ and set a valid and reachable NTP server address
C.      Open the router and ensure the CMOS battery is fine
D.      Configure ‘/system ntp server’ and set a valid ad reachable NTP client address

2.       A routing table has following entries :
0 dst-address = gateway=
1 dst-address = gateway=
2 dst-address = gateway=
3 dst-address = gateway=
Which gateway will be used for a packet with destination address

3.       From which of the following locations can you obtain Winbox?
A.      Files menu in your router
B.      Via the console cable
C.      Router’s webpage

4.       You need to reboot a RouterBoard after importing a previously exported rsc file to activate the new configuration

5.       Mark all features that can be help to assign bandwidth limitation for a group of users?
A.      Queue Tree
B.      Mangle
C.      Address-list
D.      NAT

6.       MikroTik RouterOS commands can be run once a day by :
A.      /system watcdog
B.      /system cron
C.      /system scheduler

7.       When viewing the routers in Winbox, some routes will show “DAC” in the first column. These flags mean:
A.      Direct, Available, Connected
B.      Dynamic, Active, Console
C.      Dynamic, Active, Connected
D.      Dynamic, Available, Created

8.       What does this simple queue do (check the image)?
A.      Queue limits host download data rate to one megabit per second
B.      Queue guarantees upload data rate of one megabit per second for host
C.      Queue limits host upload data rate to one megabit per second
D.      Queue guarantees download data rate of one megabit per second for host

9.       PPP Secrets are used for
A.      PPPoE clients
B.      PPtp clients
C.      L2TP clients
D.      IPSec clients
E.       Router clients
F.       PPP clients

10.   A Mikrotik PPPoE Server can be used only within a broadcast domain, that is, users can not run PPPoE protocol if there is a router with broadcast domain between the customer and that PPPoE server

11.   Is it possible to create a custom firewall chain and use it in both input and forward chains at the same time?

12.   Which configuration menu should you use to change router’s Winbox default port?
A.      /ip service
B.      /system resource
C.      /ip firewall filter

13.   You want to create an access point for several laptop (non-RouterOS) clients. Select all options you can set on the Mikrotik
A.      Security profile for WPA encryption
B.      Mode=bridge
C.      Nstreame to optimize link
D.      Mode=ap-bridge

14.   In Winbox, Hide Passwords unchecked shows passwords for the following
A.      Hotspot user
B.      RADIUS shared secret
C.      PPP secrets
D.      RouterOS user

15.   Which options are correct ?
A.      SRC-NAT to prevent local network client access to outsides
B.      SRC-NAT to prevent access from outside to our local network clients
C.      DST-NAT to define new destination address in our local network for incoming packets
D.      DST-NAT to redirect all packets to router itself
16.   Wireless access point is required for customers, Which RouterBoards can be used for it?
A.      RB433 with level 4 license
B.      RB493 with level 4 license
C.      RB450G with level 5 license
D.      RB411 with level 3 license

17.   When sending out an ARP request, an IP host is expecting whatt kind of address for an answer?
A.      IP Address
B.      MAC Address
C.      VLAN ID
D.      802.11g
18.   The first two rules in the forward chain of the filter table are
/ip firewall filter add chain=forward connection-state=established action=accept
/ip firewall filter add chain=forward connection-state=invalid action=drop

Connection –state=related packets are not filtered by the rules above.

19.   For user in local ppp secret /ppp profile database, it is possible to
A.      Allow only pppoe login
B.      Ddeny services(like telnet) only for this user or for one group of users
C.      Allow login by pppoe and pptp, but deny login by l2tp
D.      Set max values for total transferred bytes
E.       Allow/deny user of more than one login by this user
20.   What is it useful to set a Radio Name on the radio interface?
A.      To identify a station in Neighbor discovery
B.      To identify a station in a list of cennected clients
C.      To identify a station in the Access List
21.   The connect-list is used by ROS to determine which access point a card configured in station mode is allowed to connect to
22.   Same IP address can be include in multiple address-list, and these lists can be used separate from one another
23.   In RouterOS queue configurations the word “total” usually represents
A.      Download
B.      Upload+download
24.   Which  RouterOS packages should be installed on router for SSH server support?
A.      Ssh
B.      System
C.      Advanced tools
D.      Security
25.   What is necessary for PPPoE client configuration?
A.      A Interface
B.      IP firewall
C.      Static IP

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